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JAKARTA - PT Metropolitan Kentjana Tbk (MKPI), the managing company of Pondok Indah property, will resume the development of 8 property projects in Jakarta. As of now, unrestricted retained earnings are recorded at IDR 6.84 trillion.

In the information disclosure quoted Tuesday (25/6), Jeffri Sandra Tanudjaja, Corporate Secretary of MKPI, mentioned that the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders agreed upon the allocation of 2023 net profit, after distributing cash dividend and reserving funds, will be directed to continuing the development of Pondok Indah Townhouse.

Other projects include the construction of Cluster Aurelle Residence in Veteran; the planning and permission for a lifestyle mall at ex-Carrefour, Lebak Bulus; Pondok Indah Plaza 6 area development; the planning of a lifestyle sport centre in Pondok Indah; the planning and permission of Pondok Indah Residence 2 development; the development of Housing Complex in Deplu, Pesanggrahan; and extension of Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) 1, including the utilisation of PIM 1 parking building and PIM 3’s skybridge to Ranch Market.

In 2023, MKPI reported net profit of IDR 844.44 billion. The dividend is set to IDR 507.28 billion, and reserve funds has an allocation of IDR 1 billion. In the meantime, the net profit allocated as retained earnings clocks up to IDR 336.16 billion. (LK/ZH)