BREN - PT. Barito Renewables Energy Tbk

Rp 8.625

-125 (-3,00%)

JAKARTA - PT Barito Renewables Energy Tbk (BREN) shares closed at IDR 9,650, up IDR 250, from IDR 9,400 at the closing bell yesterday (24/6). This issuer's shares have strengthened 6.04% since this issuer left special monitoring due to the temporary suspension of trading by the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI), last week (21/6).

Based on the data compiled by IDN Financials, Tuesday (25/6), BREN's share price touched the highest price of IDR 9,800 and the lowest price of IDR 9,400 per share. Market capitalization was recorded at IDR 1.29 quadrillion. The volume of shares traded was 22.31 million in 8,141 transactions worth IDR 214.59 billion.

Yesterday (24/6), the issuer's share price rose IDR 300 to IDR 9,400 from the closing price at the weekend (21/6) of around IDR 9,100 per share. The volume of shares traded was 22.22 million in 9,130 ​​times worth IDR 208.04 billion.

Meanwhile, on (21/6), the issuer's share transaction volume was 61.37 million in 16,297 times, valued at IDR 555.24 million. The share price increased by IDR 650 per share from the closing price on Thursday (20/6) at IDR 8,450 per share.

Previously, the performance of BREN shares continued to decline due to special monitoring by the IDX due to the impact of suspension of trading activities. The movement of this issuer's shares is restricted because it is entering a full call auction (FCA) where there will be an auto reject up or down by 10% during the trading session. (LK/LM)