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Videos » Bakrieland continues the construction of Sentra Timur Residence
30 November 2018

JAKARTA - PT Bakrieland Development Tbk (ELTY) seeks fresh funds through various strategies, including strategic partnership and loan restructuration. One of the strategies conducted is to continue the Project Sentra Timur Residence in East Jakarta.

Agus Jayadi Alwie, Director and Chief Development Officer of PT Bakrieland Development Tbk (ELTY) said that the company wants to be more productive this year by reviewing its nonproductive assets. “We establish partnerships with various parties, especially to find new sources of funds and lower costs, we have approached several national and international companies, and maybe those partnerships will begin next year,” said he, in Jakarta.

According to Alwie, the management will continue to build the Project Sentra Timur Residence in East Jakarta, since the land is available and the market still exists. The second phase of the project including five towers with 2,000 units in next five years. In 2018, the project began with the construction of Shafire Tower containing 607 units.

Bakrieland also continues the construction of Township Residence in Bogor, West Java in an area of 364 hectares, which continued with the expansion of Township Bogor Nirwana Residence. At the first step, the project starts in an area of 85 hectares with 1000 houses for the middle and middle-upper segment. (LK/AR/W)