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Videos » Bumi Resources allocates US$ 350 million for DPM’s zinc smelter
03 December 2018

JAKARTA - PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BMRS) allocates US$ 350 million-US$ 400 million of capital expenditure to construct the smelter of PT Dairi Prima Mineral. The source of fund came from project financing (80%) and equity financing (20%).

Herwin Wahyu Hidayat, Director of PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BMRS) said that the plan for initial production volume is 250,000 tons, and is expected to increase to 500,000 tons in 2022. “The plan is to start the production of zinc ore from the Anjing Hitam mine in the second semester of 2021,” said he, in Jakarta.

According to Hidayat, the mining production will increase to 1 million tons in 2023 and will stay at 1 million tons per year for the next five years. (LK/AR/W)