JAKARTA - Bank Indonesia estimated that credit growth would reach 10%-12% (YoY) at the end of 2019,  while the third party fund would grow by 8%-10% (YoY). The prediction is based on the growth of credit and third-party fund in 2018, which were lower than the level back in 2017.

Perry Warjiyo, Governor of Bank Indonesia, stated that Bank Indonesia continued to synergize with other stakeholders in order to stabilise the financial condition in Indonesia. “Inflation was low and stable in 2018, it was steady within the target range of 3.5±1% (YoY). CPI inflation in December 2018 was recorded at 0.62% (MtM),” said he, in Jakarta.

According to Warjiyo, Bank's capital adequacy ratio (CAR) was still quite high (23.3%) and the liquidity ratio was still at the safe level (20.1%) as of November 2018.

The credit growth in November 2018 was recorded at 12.1% (YoY), lower than the level in October 2018  at 13.3% (YoY). Meanwhile, the growth of third party fund in November 2018 was recorded at 7.2%, declined than the level in October 2018 at 7.6%. (LK/AR/W)