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Videos » Cahayasakti is looking for investors to develop Olympic Business District
11 March 2019

JAKARTA - PT Cahayasakti Investindo Sukses Tbk (CSIS) is looking for investors to cooperate and develop a upper middle housing project located in a 25 hectare-wide area in Sentul, Bogor.

Yohanes Sumarno, Director of PT Cahayasakti Investindo Sukses Tbk (CSIS) stated that the market strategy for the 25-hectare wide area is by developing upper middle class residences. “Our strategy to market the 25-hectare area is by building upper middle class houses, the progress can be seen in the field, in the 25-hectare area, Olympic City Business District, this is what we are focusing on, while trying to find investors who can provide maximum benefits for CSIS,” said he, in Jakarta.

According to Sumarno, the management decided to postpone the mall and apartment project in the location,  due to the market condition. “We did not cancel the project, but based on our calculations, for apartments with that value, the prediction for marketing and development costs is not profitable,” he added. (LK/AR/W)