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Videos » Cahayasakti Investindo reduces its long-term bank loans
13 March 2019

JAKARTA - PT Cahayasakti Investindo Sukses Tbk (CSIS) decided to cut the amount of its long-term bank loans by 50% in 2019.  However, the company still needs short-term bank loans to support the property projects of the company. As of the third quarter of 2018, the company’s total liabilities was recorded at Rp 188.01 billion.

Apran Kurniawan, Finance Director of PT Cahayasakti Investindo Sukses Tbk (CSIS) stated that the company would look for investors to get more funds. “Our subsidiary is still in discussion with investors, since the investors will be more efficient than banks,” said he, in Jakarta.

However, the management needs short-term loans to support the company’s projects, such as warehouse construction.”But then, after the warehouse is sold, we will repay the loan, it will not take more than 2 years,” he said (LK/AR/W)