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Videos » Bank Mega gained Rp 6.77 trillion of net interest income in 2018
15 March 2019

JAKARTA - PT Bank Mega Tbk (MEGA) gained Rp 6.77 trillion of net interest income in 2018, which was 5.93% higher than from 2017 at Rp 6.39 trillion.

Kostaman Thayib, President Director of PT Bank Mega Tbk (MEGA) stated that Bank Mega managed to increase its income in 2018 due to the implementation of more prudence concept.

According to Thayib, the bank’s assets increased by 1.78% to Rp 83.76 trillion, loan disbursed increased by 19.96% to Rp 42.25 trillion, which was above the industry average of 11.75%, third-party funds were relatively stable at Rp 60.73 trillion or slightly decreased by 0,89% from Rp 61.28 trillion in 2017.

In terms of profit and loss from December 2017 to December 2018, the details are as follows: the bank’s interest income increased by 5.93% from Rp 6.39 trillion to Rp 6.77 trillion, interest expenses increased by 12.9% from Rp 2.88 trillion to Rp 3.26 trillion, and net interest income increased by 0.15% from Rp 3,509 trillion to Rp 3.514 trillion.  (LK/AR/W)