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JAKARTA - PT Millenium Pharmacon International Tbk (SPDC) allocates the capital expenditure of Rp 25 billion in 2019, which will be distributed mostly in technology.

Mohamad Muhazni Mukhtar, President Director of PT Millenium Pharmacon International Tbk (SDPC) stated that the company will focus to put an investment in technology adoption. “This year, technology drives the company more to achieve the efficiency and sufficient,” he said.

According to Mukhtar, with Rp 25 billion funds allocation, the management will distribute about Rp 12 billion for technology development, around Rp 5 billion for new office lease, and the rest will be for rejuvenation, hiring more employees, and providing more operational vehicles in branch offices.

Mukhtar also mentioned that the company will renovate some branch offices to be in order with BPOM (government) regulation. Furthermore, the management also allocates a budget to build a new warehouse. (LK/W)