PPRE - PT. PP Presisi Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT PP Presisi Tbk (PPRE) obtains a new contract worth Rp 1.6 trillion in the first quarter of 2019. This new contract constitutes 28% of the target achievement, which is about Rp 5 trillion-Rp 6 trillion.

Benny Pidakso, Director of PT PP Presisi Tbk (PPRE) stated that the largest new contract came from Toll Indrapura with the amount of Rp 1.1 trillion. “The other Rp 75 billion worth of new contract came from the Overlay Airport projects in Minangkabau, Padang,” he said.

Furthermore, he said the other new contract obtained from the Tans South Road project is worth Rp 175 billion and Patimban project worth Rp 94 billion.

According to him, the company has completed the additional contracts, such as RDMP in Balikpapan, private projects and State Own Enterprise (SOE), and the coal mining contract in Kalimantan. (LK/W)