SDPC - PT. Millennium Pharmacon International Tbk

Rp 101

-5 (-4,72%)

JAKARTA - PT Millenium Pharmacon International Tbk (SDPC) aims to increase sales and profit by 20%, respectively at the end of 2019.  Based on the company’s financial statements, the sales of non-prescription medicine fell by 30% to Rp 202.79 billion, from Rp 291.34 billion in the previous year.

Mohamad Muhazani Mukhtar, President Director of PT Millenium Pharmacon International Tbk (SDPC) stated that the company focused to increase the sales revenues and profit in 2019 by increasing the private label. “We did not depend only on self-distribution and generic brand, but expanding to various products (pharmaceutical),” he said.

According to him, the company has built its own factory, with products and marketing included, and also established consultant services and marketing, where they can sell their various products to increase the sales achievement. In 2018, the company produced a private brand, named Citrex, and will launch another brand, Citrex Gummy. (LK/W)