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JAKARTA- PT Millenium Pharmacon International Tbk (SDPC) booked Rp 2.4 trillion of sales revenues in 2018, growing from the sales in 2017 at Rp 1.9 trillion.

Mohamad Muhazni Mukhtar, President Director of PT Millenium Pharmacon International Tbk (SDPC) stated that the net sales revenues increased by 12.57% in 2018 than the same period of 2017. “We recorded Rp 22 billion of profit in 2019, grew by 37% from Rp 13 billion,” said he, in Jakarta.

Along with the net sales achievement, the company allocates Rp 3.2 billion for cash dividends, which increased from cash dividends in 2017 at Rp 1.3 billion . The dividend, which equals to Rp 3 per share, will be distributed to about 3.2 billion shares. (LK/W)