GEMA - PT. Gema Grahasarana Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Gema Grahasarana Tbk (GEMA, a craft and furniture trading company, aims to increase export market by opening and appointing the distributor overseas in 2019. In 2018, the export sales contributed Rp 9.5 billion, from Rp 17 billion of the target set.

Dedy Rochmat, President Director of PT Gema Grahasarana Tbk (GEMA) stated that the company started to enter export market in the past three years. “We enter 13 countries and continue to develop products,” he said.

According to Rochmat, two countries in overseas that the distributor has been established are Japan and a country in the Middle East. The countries that the company expanded to are China, Australia, Canada, United States of America, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Italy. (LK/W)