PPRO - PT. PP Properti Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT PP Properti Tbk (PPRO) starts to expand its business with the apartment building in DIY Yogyakarta this year, right after the successfully enacted of the first tower in Jakarta. The investment amount to build a tower is estimated around Rp 400 billion.

Indaryanto, Director of PT PP Properti Tbk (PPRO) said that the company will start to launch apartment projects in Cibubur, Jakarta, Surabaya, East Java, and Yogyakarta. “This year, we prepare to build the second tower in Yogyakarta, and the plan has been discussed with one of cooperatives in a University in Yogyakarta,” said he.

According to Indaryanto, the company is optimistic to increase revenues this year with this business expansion. (LK/W)