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JAKARTA - The hair care product contribution from PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk (TCID) to Rp 2.56 trillion of total revenues was 48% in December 2018, while skin care products and perfume contributed 37% and 18%, respectively.

Effendi Tandi, Director of PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk (TCID) stated that the company generated Rp 2.56 trillion of revenues in 2018, decreased by 2.1% from Rp 2.70 trillion in 2017. “The domestic market contributed Rp 1.95 trillion and export contributed Rp 697.9 billion to revenues. The domestic sales decreased 5.6%, but exports increased by 9%,” said he, in Jakarta.

According to Tandi, the market percentage composition are traditional market (50.2%) and modern market (49.8%). The company implements special strategy to keep the domestic sales stable among the competitors.  

In 2018, the domestic sales accounted for about 74% of the company's total sales and the rest was from exports. The products export destination were United Arab Emirates (7% of total sales), Japan (6%), and other countries in Asia, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, China, Hongkong, and Taiwan. (LK/W)