PZZA - PT. Sarimelati Kencana Tbk

Rp 975

-10 (-1,02%)

JAKARTA - PT Sarimelati Kencana Tbk (PZZA), a food and beverages company known as Pizza Hut, generated Rp 173.09 billion of profit in December 2018, and about Rp 86.54 billion of the profit is allotted for cash dividends or equivalent to Rp 28.64 per share.

Joe Sasanto, Director of PT Sarimelati Kencana Tbk (PZZA) stated that the remaining of the company's profit will be allocated as retained earnings and reserve fund. "Half of the profit allotted as retained earnings are Rp 86.04 billion or about 49.71%," said he, in Jakarta. About Rp 500 billion was allocated from the current profit as a reserve fund. According to Sasanto, the cash dividend will be paid in 30 days after the approval in the General Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on April 24, 2019. (LK/W)