SIPD - PT. Sierad Produce Tbk

Rp 1.060

-35 (-3,20%)

JAKARTA - PT Sierad Produce Tbk (SIPD) focuses to widen the food processed market by 50% of total sales in the years ahead. The company expects to reach the target by releasing one of Belfoods’ new products, instant processed food in small package.

Tommy Wattemena Widjaja, President Director of PT Sierad Produce Tbk (SIPD) stated that the company aims to enter the suburb area that usually have a new family or a family contains only 2 or 3 children. "For the upper middle classes, it is quite easy for them to make a purchase of the fast food products, but not in the suburb area, where most people have such a limited access to be able to purchase and enjoy fast food products,'' he said.

According to Widjaja, a lot of people in Indonesia that sell the processed chicken, and most of the consumer did not have any knowledge about the product quality of the processed chicken. The instant processed food is tagged with the price of Rp 10,000 per sachet, which means only some consumers can make it, which is also the reason for the Company to launch the processed food with the small package to reach and serve the suburb area.

"We are entering the market segment that already has a purchase power; we believe that the Belfood product will grow in that segment," he said. (LK/W)