AGRO - PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Agroniaga Tbk

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JAKARTA- PT BRI Agro Tbk (AGRO) plans to issue new shares by conducting rights issue in 2020. The company aims to collect Rp 200 billion.

Agus Noorsanto, President Director of PT BRI Agro Tbk (AGRO) stated that the company would conduct rights issue in 2020 in line with the bonds maturity worth Rp 500 billion. “The company aims to increase the bank category to be BUKU 3 (with the core capital of Rp 5 trillion-Rp 30 trillion); by being in BUKU 3, we can access to ministry and financial institutions easier than being in BUKU 2,” he said.

According to Noorsanto, with the core capital above Rp 5 trillion, the company will get easier to access the financial institution. Currently, BRI AGRO is in the BUKU 2 with core capital above Rp 1 trillion and below Rp 5 trillion. (LK/W)