CARS - PT. Industri dan Perdagangan Bintraco Dharma Tbk

Rp 230

-2 (-0,86%)

JAKARTA - PT Industri dan Perdagangan Bintarco Dharma Tbk (CARS) disburses Rp 15 billion for cash dividends from the achieved net profit of Rp 262.72 billion in the financial year 2018. Cash dividends is equivalent Rp 10 per share, which will be distributed on May 31, 2019.

Benny Redjo Setyono, Vice President Director of PT Industri dan Perdagangan Bintarco Dharma Tbk (CARS) stated that the company allocates 6% of profit for cash dividends. “Next month, cash dividends will be distributed. This allocation has been approved by the shareholders,” he said.

Bintarco generated Rp 8.27 trillion of revenues in 2018, grew by 14.79% from Rp 7.20 trillion in December 2017. Total assets were recorded at Rp 9.15 trillion, rose by 11.34% from Rp 8.22 trillion. (LK/W)