AKKU - PT. Anugerah Kagum Karya Utama Tbk

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JAKARTA - A tourism and restaurant company, PT  Anugerah Kagum Karya Utama Tbk (AKKU), is optimistic to reduce its current loss this year. In 2017, the company could reduce its loss from Rp 19 billion to Rp 9.6 billion in 2018.

Herliansyah Rahadian, President Director of PT Anugerah Kagum Karya Utama Tbk (AKKU) said that  the company expected the loss could be reduced this year. “if there are no other matters, the loss will decrease, but we can't promise that; not positive yet; we are just keep trying,” he said.

According to him, the company have a permit for the land resort-wide of 5.4 hectares in Bali. The location has an opportunity to be explored as a tourism destination. (LK/W)