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JAKARTA - PT Capitalinc Investment Tbk (MTFN) did not distribute dividends, even though the company has started to earn income as the decrease in basic earnings per share in 2018.

Nuning Setyaningsih, Director of PT Capitalinc Investment Tbk stated that the shareholder has approved to not deliver any dividends of the financial year 2018. "About that discussion, what we proposed is to not distribute the dividends of the financial year ended on December 31, 2018, and this was in the agenda that has been approved (to not distribute the dividends)," she said.

Based on the company's financial statement, the company recorded Rp 576.36 billion of revenues in 2019, rose from Rp 458.81 billion at the same period last year. The net profit was recorded at Rp 13.85 billion, which was getting slow compared to the same period last year achievement at Rp 14.32 billion. Earnings per share was noted at Rp 0.27, lower than Rp 0.45 per share in 2018. (LK/W)