RICY - PT. Ricky Putra Globalindo Tbk

Rp 126

-12 (-8,70%)

JAKARTA - PT Ricky Putra Globalindo Tbk (RICY), a textile and garment company, will increase the factory utility from 70% to 100%. By increasing the utilities, the company also increase more into the productivity and export to overseas.

Paulus Gunawan, President Director of PT Ricky Putra Globalindo Tbk (RICY) stated that the company will add more investment to increase productivity, as currently the factory utility just reaches 70%. “Our utilisation just started by 70%, which we will improve to reach 100%,” he said.

According to Gunawan, the management also develops export this year. In export, textile and garment are the most export products to Japan, which absorbed very well. (LK/W)