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JAKARTA - PT Capitalinc Investment Tbk (MTFN) focuses to complete the oil and gas business by developing mini oil plant and mini refinery in the entire of Indonesia.  

Abas Suryawijaya, President Director of PT Capitalinc Investment Tbk (MTFN) stated that the company plans to build a mini refinery to reduce the transportation and logistic expenses. “Our weakness in this wide spreading country, from Aceh to Papua, is the transportation problem, and the second is the marginal wells (small wells), which are not economical, when we work them together as a whole,” he said.

According to him, the location of some mini oil wells that spread in Indonesia makes the business oil and gas was not economical when they explored the oil well entirely together. So, the company will build a mini refinery and mini plants near the market so as the strategy can overcome the high cost in transporting oil and gas. (LK/W)