BBCA - PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk

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JAKARTA - In funding, financing distribution of PT BCA Finance geographically is dominated by Java Island (80%). While Jabodetabek managed to get disbursed about 35%. 

Amirdin Halim, Director of PT BCA Finance stated that Java Island was to get the most financing disbursement of the Company. In Java Island, 35% was contributed by Jabodetabek, followed by West Java and East Java (17%, respectively), and Central Java (10%).

"Java holds almost 80% of the total funding we disbursed, followed by Sumatra around 14% -15%; the rest is Kalimantan and Sulawesi," he said.

According to him, the most vehicles that we had been financed were Japanese cars production by 92%. The composition for new car and used car we financed were 66% and 34%. (LK/W)