AGRO - PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia Agroniaga Tbk

Rp 146

-5 (-3,31%)

JAKARTA - PT BRI Agroniaga Tbk (AGRO) disbursed loan worth Rp 18.39 trillion in the third quarter of 2019, rose by 34.60% from Rp 13.66 trillion within the same period last year. The largest sector that has obtained the loan is the agribusiness.

Ebenezer Girsang, President Director of PT BRI Agroniaga Tbk (AGRO) stated that the agribusiness sector has obtained 56% out of total loan, and the remaining was for the non-agribusiness. "Then, for credit, it can grow by 34.61% year-on-year, which is of course far away from the average growth of industry. And, CAGR growth in the last five years can be at 27.26%," he said.

Based on the business segment, the loan composition on each sector is medium segment at 71%, retail at 24%, and consumer at 5%. By the end of 2019, the credit disbursement will increase 6.70% from the third quarter of 2019. (LK/W)