PCAR - PT. Prima Cakrawala Abadi Tbk

Rp 195

-13 (-7,00%)

JAKARTA - PT Prima Cakrawala Abadi Tbk (PCAR) recorded a sales volume decrease in 2019 to 200.75 tons at Rp 66 billion from 415.24 tons of sales volume at Rp 178.6 billion in 2018.

Raditya Wardhana, President Director of PT Prima Cakrawala Abadi Tbk (PCAR) said the decline in sales volume was due to the sole operation of factory in Makassar. "The decrease is in line with the management's predictions, which we set our focus on production solely at the factory in Makassar in 2019. Whereas in 2018, the production was still carried out at the factories in Semarang, Indramayu and Makassar," he said.

In 2018, sales volume was higher because the production was still running in several factories -- Semarang, Central Java and Indramayu, West Java. In 2019, the production volume decreased in July-November due to the long dry season, therefore the target of factory utilisation is difficult to reach.

Last year, the sales of small crab products to the United States were 199.97 tons, down from 414.78 tons in 2018; the sales of United Arab Emirates (UAE) were 836,000 kg; and sales of Indonesia were 161,000 kg. In the local market, the sales decline was due to the lack of interest in crab processed food. (LK/W)