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JAKARTA - PT Tiphone Mobile Indonesia Tbk (TELE) estimates that the profit of this year to experience a decrease to Rp 485.96 billion compared with Rp 496.33 billion in 2019, as the purchase power is getting weak and more fluctuations happen in the exchange rate between Rupiah and US Dollar (USD).

Samuel Kurniawan, Corporate Secretary of PT Tiphone Mobile Indonesia Tbk (TELE), said that he projected a profit decline due to the current market conditions and the outbreak of CoronaVirus (Convid-19) happened recently in Indonesia. "As up to date US Dollar has reached Rp 14,300, and against the other foreign currencies that Indonesia has decreased," he said.

According to him, the global condition will give some impact to the sales achievement of the company. Moreover, most smartphone products distributed here are import goods from China, and there will be likely a slow down in shipments due to the Covid-19 outbreak. (LK/W)