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Videos » Bank Mitraniaga to stabilize LDR
06 May 2015

JAKARTA - PT Bank Mitraniaga Tbk (NAGA) growth was quite big for loan to deposit ratio (LDR) from 2013 to 2014, around 50% - 60% growth. Meaning third-party funds (DPK) were not big this year. NAGA intends to equilibrate the LDR ratio. According to Handry Husein, treasury and corporate secretary of PT Bank Mitraniaga Tbk (NAGA), in the previous year the third-party funds were always bigger than credit. This year and next year, NAGA wants to reverse the situation and balance the LDR ratio. After it is stable, the company will try to grow again. Bank Mitraniaga focuses on the property and trading sector. It has always been like that since the beginning. In Bank Mitraniaga, the NPL is still around 0.16%, it is still low maybe because they do not have the expenditures to big industries such as coal sectors or palm oil sectors, he added. According to Handry Husein, he slightly disagrees regarding the opinion of weakened property this year. Indeed, the government intended to slowdown with a few tools such as liquidity transfer pricing (LTP) in order to stop the growth. There is still demand for housing of the lower-middle class; a basic need of the people, he said. (KT)