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JAKARTA - PT Megapolitan Developments, Tbk (EMDE) has been successful in competing and overcoming the challenge of a fluctuating economy in 2014. After Bank of Indonesia released a regulation (Surat Edaran) in October 2013, management has kept profitability thanks to optimization of sources and adjustments to the company strategy such as continued development of integrated areas in South Jakarta, specifically, Centro Cinere super blaock.

The development of Centro Cinere is an integrated mix-used area, between apartments and a shopping mall. It contributed Rp 311 billion, about 51% of the total revenue in 2014; that figure proved a 38% of increase compared to 2013. In 2014, the company's Net Income reached Rp 45 billion, increased 32% from to 2013. Net profit margin decreased 0.64% compared to 2013.