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JAKARTA –  PT Unggul Indah Cahaya Tbk (UNIC), Indonesian chemical producers, will adjust to the government's re-evaluation of assets program in December 2015. Based on the Ministry's Financial Regulation No.191/PMK.10/2015, government's taxation (PPh final) is 3% in 2015, 4% until mid of 2016, and 10% until the end of 2016.

Vice President of PT Unggul Indah Cahaya Tbk (UNIC), Djajoeli Sadhani stated the company will follow the government's program this year.

“With the government's program to re-evaluate assets, we will have to adjust to the program. We have been calculating the aspects to re-evaluate. The program will help increase the each of our assets,” he said in Jakarta.

According to him, the program will give benefits such as increasing the company’s rating and boosting the working capital, but it will also impact the distribution of dividends to shareholders. “We will support the government,” he added.

President of Unggul Indah Cahaya, Yani Alifen said the company has been studying the revaluation of assets because it will impact shareholders and accounting. “We don’t want the objection from shareholders, but we will study the pluses and minuses the program,” he commented.

According to him, the company’s assets will increase but also depreciate.