BKSL - PT. Sentul City Tbk

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SENTUL - PT Sentul City Tbk (BKSL’s) assets will increase as much as Rp235.47 billion from Rp10.03 trillion to Rp10.27 trillion after they execute non pre-emptive rights in December 2015. With the additional working capital, the company will expand their real estate and acquisition land around Sentul, Bogor.

Finance Director of PT Sentul City Tbk (BKSL) Widi Widianto stated the funds of non-pre-emptive will be used for working capital. “The company will add working capital as much as Rp 235.47 billion with the release of as much as 3,139,690,500 new shares with the price of Rp 75 per share,” he said in Sentul.

According to him, the result of non preemptive rights, equity based on the consolidated financial report as of June, 30 2015 will increase as much as Rp 235.47 billion from Rp 6.189 trillion to Rp 6.424 trillion.

“With the increase of the company's equity or debt equity, the ratio will be better. Where the debt equity to ratio is from 0.62x to 0.59x,” he said.

He said the risk or impact of the non pre-emptive rights will dilute public shares as much as 9,095 shares in the company.