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Videos »  Indonesias opportunity to become the automotive base of Asia
07 January 2016

JAKARTA – Indonesia has the opportunity to become the base country for the automotive industry in Asia, beating Thailand as well.

Director General of Negotiations and International Trade Department of Trade, Bachrul Chairi stated that Thailand is the largest base country producer of automotive in Asia. But, in the investor’s eyes the country is overloaded.  

“We have seen that investors see Thailand cannot accommodate the growth that the investors need. That is why the investors have sought another country to become the country of base production. If Indonesia cannot respond fast to the opportunity, this opportunity will go to Vietnam,” he said in Jakarta.

According to him, Indonesia has been starting to follow several international forums such as bilateral, regional and multilateral. For example, Indonesia has regional comprehensive partnership with 16 countries.

“We have begun meetings in Indonesia Youth Economics Partnership, we have been analyzing how far we can follow the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). Beside that we have starting bilateral talks with Turkey. We have begun meetings with Indonesia-Australia, with Korea and in the near time to finalize a meeting with Indonesia-Japan. With all these international forums, the market will open,” he said.

 He said the government has made simple policies and regulations as well as some deregulation concerning bureaucracy. This is the initiative to make doing business easy in Indonesia for investors.