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Videos » Citra Maharlika's shuttle business versus JKT to BDG high-speed train
08 January 2016

JAKARTA – According to Leonard Stephen Jonatan, Finance Director of PT Citra Maharlika Nusantara Corpora Tbk (formerly known as Cipaganti), the planned high-speed railway from Jakarta to Bandung will not negatively affect the company’s major business line of shuttle transportation.

“So I believe our passengers won't be affected that much because if you consider people from Tangerang have to travel more than an hour to reach the starting point in Jakarta to take the train to Bandung, instead they can use our service directly from Tangerang to Bandung,” Leonard said after the company’s shareholder meeting in South Jakarta.

He explained, passengers who opt to use the train still need to travel further to make their destination in urban areas surrounding the cities, after arriving at their final stop or vice versa.

Those opting to use Citra Maharlika’s shuttle services have the ability and the convenience of traveling ‘to and from’ urban destinations such as those located in Jabotabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Tangeran and Bekasi).

“Our strength is we have so many outlets to link people,” he added. (CH)