MPPA - PT. Matahari Putra Prima Tbk

Rp 142

-4 (-2,74%)

JAKARTA - Management of PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk (MPPA) expects this year's first quarter to be similar to last year's first quarter in terms of financial performance.

Director of Public Relations & Communications MPPA, Danny Kojongian told reporters, "It looks like the outlook of the market situation will be relatively the same as what we had last year. So we might expect a similar kind of performance for the first quarter.

Kojongian withheld financial results as the company enters a closing period for the first quarter 2016.

He added that last year's poor economic conditions and natural hindrances such as the fires that spread across Kalimantan and Sumatra had negatively impacted sales in those regions.

By the end of last year, the company's SSSG or same store sales growth figure stood at negative 1.9 percent.

"There was some disturbance. Customers could not go to the stores, like the haze in Kalimantan and Sumatra for several months," he explained.

During the first quarter 2015, Matahari Putra Prima's revenues reached Rp3.34 trillion, growing 7% year-on-year from 2014's first quarter. Its net profit by that time amounted Rp81.5 billion.