IATA - PT. Indonesia Transport & Infrastructure Tbk

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JAKARTA - MNC Group’s PT Indonesia Transport and Infrastructure Tbk (IATA) aims to diversify business lines outside existing air transportation business Indonesia Air, as management had realized the capital incentive was to high.

“We will not only focus on aviation, but be an integrated infrastructure company in the ocean, land and air,” Vice President Director IATA Wishnu Handoyono explained to reporters after the company’s public expose in Jakarta.

Managment is actively seeking projects related to infrastructure and power to synergize with government initiatives back by Jokowi, the nation’s President. “We are looking forward to develop more infrastructure projects; whether it might be airports, or a power plant,” Handoyono added.

He explains, “It turned out that the capital incentive needed was really high with a low margin,” about Indonesia Air. The company’s revenues from airline spot and contract serivces fell 36% to US$13.1 million in 2015 from US$20.6 million in 2014. (CH)