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JAKARTA - PT Indonesia Transport and Infrastructure Tbk (IATA) announces that it targets a capital expenditure of around Rp100 billion in 2016.

Vice President Director IATA Wishnu Handoyono said, “Our capex will be around Rp100 billion, but still we cannot mention the details due to the rights issue proceeds which will be held according to the company plan,” after the company’s public expose at MNC Tower Jakarta on April 28, 2016.

He also added that besides the company’s main business line Indonesia Air an air transportation operator, IATA is also managing a port which specializes in loading coal to boost its revenue in 2016.

“There are mining companies with locations within a radius of 50 km from our port, so we hope we can invite them to use our port as well.”

As for foreign exchange loss the company experienced in 2015, he commented, “We expect there will be a stabilization of Rupiah against US dollar,” as most of the company loans are in US Dollar.