DLTA - PT. Delta Djakarta Tbk

Rp 6.300

-200 (-3,08%)

JAKARTA - PT Delta Djakarta Tbk (DLTA’s) net profit increased as much as 108% from Rp27.4 billion in first quarter 2015 to Rp57 billion in first quarter 2016.

President Director of PT Delta Djakarta Alan de Vera Fernandez said the company’s sales increased as much as 40% in first quarter 2016. “In first quarter 2015, the company’s sales revenue as much as Rp141 billion or increased in first quarter 2016 an amounted Rp297.1 billion,” he said in the company’s public expose in Jakarta.

According to him, the beer industry volume started to recover from last year’s impact of the new PerMenDag (minister regulation) restricting the sales and distribution of alcoholic beverages in mini markets, convenience stores in traditional or premise outlets.

The company’s gross profit expanded to Rp129.2 billion by 39% from Rp94.5 billion. The company’s property income increased to Rp64.6 billion from Rp35.8 billion with its operating margin moving to 33% of its financial revenue against 25% a year ago.

“While our quarter performance is still in the upward trend. We still remain cautious on the potential challenges that we are still facing specifically the building receipt, particularly potential major challenges on the alcohol regulation,” he said.