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JAKARTA - PT Delta Djakarta Tbk (DLTA), a producer of beer under the brand of Anker Beer will increase the price of its product up 10% in 2016 regarding the increase of raw material costs.

Director of PT Delta Djakarta Tbk Alan de Vera Fernandez said the company prepares to increase the price of its product because some of the raw materials costs have been rising since last year. "It will increase around 10% for this year. It is because the imported materials such as malt had increased so we need to adjust the price," he said at the company's public expose in Jakarta.

In first quarter 2016, the company's cost of goods manufactured amounted Rp70.74 billion or increased around  55% compared with the same period in 2015 as much as Rp45.28 billion.

Alan said increases in the cost of goods manufactured was due to raw materials such as malt extract that is imported from Cofco Malt (Dalian) Co.Ltd and Taiwan Hon Chuan. It is also because the price of packaging materials such as carton paper has increased since 2015, which the company buys from PT Conpac, PT Farmarindo, and San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corp.