GWSA - PT. Greenwood Sejahtera Tbk

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JAKARTA - The sales revenue of PT Greenwood Sejahtera Tbk (GWSA) decreased to an amounted Rp83 billion compared with the same period in 2014 an amounted Rp176 billion. The decrease of sales revenue was because the office and apartment did not record any sales.

Corporate Secretary of PT Greenwood Sejahtera Tbk Linda Halim said the company’s revenue is contribution from rent and hotel. “The revenue from rental business as much as Rp52.91 billion and hotel Rp30.82 billion,” she said at the company’s public expose event in Jakarta.

Furthermore, she explained the operating profit in 2014 was amounted Rp52 billion and became negative Rp41 billion in 2015. “Then the net income equity associated entities in 2014 was Rp253 billion, while in 2015 it was amounted toRp 251 billion,” she added.