BWPT - PT. Eagle High Plantations Tbk

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JAKARTA - One of the operational regions that Eagle High Plantations conducts business is in Papua, on the far eastern corner of South East Asia. In Papua, according to corporate secretary Rudy Suhendra, “Currently there are two operating business areas. One in Jayapura, that we have established and another is in Sorong.”

Indonesian crude palm oil producer PT Eagle High Plantations Tbk (BWPT) has over 12,000 hectares of plantation in Papua; 8,000 hectares are immature, 4,000 hectares young and none at a prime age to harvest CPO as of the first quarter 2016.

Suhendra emphasizes Eagle High’s commitment to sustainbility in regards the company’s development plan. “So for developing areas on land we have not opened yet, we prioritize sustainability.”

Management will need to continue to build in Papua, as its young palm crop turns into a mature prime producing crop, Eagle High will need a mill to refine CPO either in or near Jayapura or Sorong. In fact, plans for a mill have already begun, as portions of young crop mature over the next two years.