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JAKARTA – PT Well Harvest Winning Alumina Refinery (WHW) a subsidiary of PT Cita Mineral Investindo Tbk (CITA) will produce Alumina SGA as much as 600,000 tons in 2016. After its second line of the Alumina Refinery will operate, the factory will produce up to 2 milltion tons of Alumina SGA per year.

Director of PT Well Harvest Winning Alumina Refinery (WHW) Hidayat Sugiharto stated the full capacity from the Alumina Refinery is as much as 1 million tons per year. “In 2016, the first sale of alumina SGA is in July 2016 and the total capacity as much as 600,000 ton,” he said during the company’s public expose in Jakarta.

The Alumina Refinery Factory soft opening occurred in May 2016, which can operate at full capacity in 2017. For the first sale, the company had signed a memorandum of purchase with China Hongqiao Group Limited, the majority shareholder of the company as much as 600,000 tons.

Hidayat said the company did not sale it to PT Inalum, a state own enterprise (SOE) because Inalum has signed a contract purchase alumina with Australia. Besidea that, Inalum’s alumina consumption is just around 500,000 tona, which is small comparet to WHW production.

“Actually we want to sale it to Inalum for the domestic market. The management sent letter to them but they did not respond last year. Currently, they responded the letter but the answer was that the company had signed a purchase alumina agreement with an Austalian producer,” he said. (LK)