ACST - PT. Acset Indonusa Tbk

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JAKARTA - Astra Group’s foundation specialist PT Acset Indonusa Tbk (ACST) has secured new contracts worth Rp2.47 trillion as of the first half of 2016. These contracts include Indonesia 1, Millennium Centennial Center, Sedayu City and Kino Office Tower. Moving through the second semester 2016, ACST management hopes to win tenders especially those of larger infrastrucutre projects.Vice president director Jeffrey Chandrawijaya said, “It can be seen from the private and state-owned construction companies, they are getting larger by entering the infrastructure segment. We will push towards infrastructure in accordance with the trend development.Eventhough ACST is known as a foundation specialist, foundation work represented only 30% of the total revenue in the first half 2016; remaining contribution derived from construction. Furthermore, of the new contracts, only 5% of the total Rp2.47 trillion will represent work in foundation. None the less, mangement remains confident the company will continue to outperform 2015’s results. Director and Co-Founder of ACST Tan Tiam Seng Ronnie assumes the Indonesian property segment will gain momentum with recently implemented tax amnesty policy. (CH)