INDR - PT. Indo-Rama Synthetics Tbk

Rp 3.810

-180 (-4,51%)

JAKARTA - PT Indo Rama Synthetics Tbk (INDR) promises to boost sales revenue in the second semester 2016 compared with the first semester 2015 amounted to US$336 million. But, the company did not mention the increasing revenue percentage.
President Director of PT Indo Rama Synthetics, VS Baldwa, said the company’s sales will increase as the price that started to increase until the end of 2016. “We started to see some improvement in price in second quarter of this year. So, we expect sales in this second half of this year to be higher than sales in the first half. Because the prices are started to looking up and the raw materials prices are also north with using, not decreasing. It is steady, a little bit positive perhaps,” said he in Jakarta.

The company has conducted the optimization by expanding it lines to niche products with new technology, and getting strong in research and development. They produce polyester polymer in Indonesia, such various polyester like staple fiber, polyester filament, and spinning.
This year, the management has allocated capital expenditure to support the factories performance, which has been operated in Purwakarta and Uzbekistan.
According to Baldwa, their sales performance will get the positive impact from the increase of oil price in global market. So, when the oil price in global market gets higher compared with the previous, it can give the impact to sales revenue significantly. (LK)