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JAKARTA - PT Baramulti Suksessarana Tbk (BSSR) allocates the capital expenditure (Capex) amounting to US$ 13.37 million for full year 2017. The capex's allocation increased compared with the same period 2016 noted US$ 11.11 million.

President Director of PT Baramulti Sukessarana Tbk Khoirudin said the source of the capex is from the company's internal cash. "The capex will be used for the infrastructure facility, exploration coal field, and to machinery and heavy equipment," he said in Jakarta.

According to him, allocation for expanding infrastructure facility is as much as US$ 3.57 million, exploration as much as US$ 5.40 million, and buy machinery and heavy equipment US$ 809,362.

The capex allocation for full year 2017 was also supported by the remaining of the capex from last year noted US$ 1 million. In 2016, the capex realization noted US$ 10.25 million of the capex budget noted US$ 11.11 million. The capex budget for the infrastructure facility will be used to build site pile and add the jetty in the port in South Kalimantan. (LK)