DLTA - PT. Delta Djakarta Tbk

Rp 6.300

-200 (-3,08%)

JAKARTA – PT Delta Jakarta Tbk (DLTA) will focus on domestic market in 2017. The total sales of Delta Jakarta in the first quarter of 2017 noted Rp 431.97 billion or slightly up from Rp 430.69 billion compared to the same period in 2016.

The domestic sales grew from Rp 448.72 billion in Q1 2016 to Rp 455.63 billion in Q1 2017. However, the export sales fell approximately 50% from Rp 229 million to Rp 112 million by the end of March 2017. Marketing and Independent Director of Delta Jakarta Ronny Titiheruw explained,“To be honest, our export market is still very small. Delta Jakarta is still focus on the domestic market because the growth potential in domestic market is still high.”

He added that export market is not easy because each brand of beer is related to the characteristic of beer drinker in each country, which only wants to drink beer from a certain country. A huge amount of fund and time is needed to expand the export market. That is why the export volume is still very small around 20.000 liters, compared to the potential volume of beer in domestic market.

At the moment, the utility for the beer factory is still around 70% while the production capacity can reach 1 million hector liters. Until now, Delta Jakarta has no plan to invest in non-alcoholic drink and will continue to carry out the 21+ campaign. (LM)