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JAKARTA - PT Modern Internasional Tbk (MDRN) promises to take care the employee’s right based on the labor regulation after the closing down of 7-Eleven on June 30, 2017.   

Ivan Budiman, Director of PT Modern Internasional Tbk (MDRN), said all of the employees who supported 7- Eleven was as much as 1,300 persons and the management will find the solution for employees after the closing down.

“So, we resolve our total employees in accordance with the existing labor legislation regulation, and about the total, it is based on the employee's working period in accordance with the existing regulations, so, we fulfill the responsibilities and rights of our employees in accordance with the existing regulations,” said he, Jakarta.

The last closing outlets of 7- Eleven was conducted in June 2017, after the announcement  that they did not reach the agreement to transfer the convenience and restaurant with  PT Charoen Pokhphand Indonesia Tbk (CPIN). (LK)