FAST - PT. Fast Food Indonesia Tbk

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JAKARTA – PT Fast Food Indonesia Tbk (FAST), the franchisor of KFC in Indonesia is allocating Rp
280 billion for capital expenditure in 2018. During the public expose today, the company stated the
plan to open 35 new KFC stores and 20 KFC Box. KFC box is actually targeting C-class segment and
acts as an in-fill KFC stores to cover smaller area such as residential, hospital, and train stations.

Started at the end of 2014 in Manggarai Station, KFC Box now have reached 40 stores. For KFC Box,
the company could invest up to Rp 1.5 billion with a net area of 100 square meters. Alternatively, for
regular KFC Stores, the total net area could reach 300-400 square metres and the investment value
could be approximately Rp 4.5 billion to Rp 9 billion.

KFC will use the company’s internal cash for capital expenditure next year, including the renovation of
old stores and construction of new ones. The company is quite aggressive in expanding its business.
As of September, the total number of KFC stores across Indonesia have reached 599 stores and until
the end of this year, the number will increase to over 600.

Justinus D. Juwono as the Director of Fast Food Indonesia explained, “In line with recent restaurant
business growth, the company expects to reach 670 or 680 KFC outlets by the end of 2018.” (LM)