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JAKARTA - PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk (TCID) continues on focusing in fast moving consumer goods (FCMG) business to respond the weakening national economy this year. This year, the company sets to stabilise the target revenue from last year.

Director of PT Mandom Indonesia Tbk (TCID) Effendi Tandi said the purchase on consumer goods was relatively stagnant in the last year. “Our strategy is to maintain consumers’ purchase and focus on FMCG products, although there was a new launch of new products,” said he.

However, the company is looking for new export market to maximise the sales revenue this year. In 2018, the company’s revenue was Rp 2.71 trillion, increase 7.1% from Rp 2.53 trillion in the same period of 2017. Exports contributed Rp 640.44 billion and domestic sales contributed Rp 2.07 trillion to sales revenue in 2017. (LK/W)