Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Indiana VIP Room, Manhattan Hotel, 6th floor
Prof. Dr. Satrio # 1 street, Casablanca, Kuningan
Jakarta 12950


14:00 (GMT+7)



  1. The Board of Directors Report of the Financial Year 2015.
  2. The Board of Commissioners Oversight Report of the Financial Year 2015.
  3. Approval of the Annual Report and Ratification of the Audited Consolidated Financial Statements 2015.
  4. Election of the Public Accountant Firm in the Financial Statements 2016.
  5. Remuneration of the Board of Commissioners and Directors.
  6. Approval on determining the use of net income 2015.
  7. Changes in the Board members composition.
  8. Others related to the Meeting agenda aforementioned (if any).


  1. Approval of the Company's stock split from Rp. 500 per share to Rp. 62.5 per share with a ratio of 1: 8.
  2. Approval of the amendment to the Company Articles of Association related to the stock split.
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