PT. MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk

Issuer Code


Number of shares offered


Ratio (previous stock:new stock)


Nominal Value

Rp 50 per share

Exercise Price

 Rp 4,900

Dilution (if shareholders do not exercise their rights)

 9.09 %

Plan of proceeds usage

 All funds obtained in the Capital Increase with Pre-emptive Rights I (PMHMETD I) after costs deduction,

- A maximum of Rp 3,384,998 million will be used for the settlement of claim of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (“MNCN”) and PT MNC Vision Networks Tbk (“IPTV”) based on a Promissory Note issued by the company in taking over PT MNC Digital Indonesia (MDI), PT MNC Portal Indonesia (MPI) and PT MNC OTT Network (OTT) in cash payment or conversion of all or part of the claim into new shares of the company at a conversion price of promissory notes at Rp. 4,900

- A maximum of Rp 100 billion is used for the company's working capital, namely for: employee salaries payment, debt payment related to working capital, daily operational and other operational costs

- The remaining funds obtained will be used for investment in Subsidiaries.

Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS)

November 14, 2022

Effective Date

January 31, 2023

Cum Date in Regular and Negotiated Markets

February 8, 2023

Ex Date in Regular and Negotiated Markets

February 9, 2023

Cum Date in Cash Market

February 10, 2023

Ex Date in Cash Market

February 13, 2023

Recording Date

February 10, 2023

Distribution Date

February 13, 2023

Listing Date

February 14, 2023

Trading Period of Rights issue

February 14 - 27, 2023

Distribution Period of Rights Issue

February 14 - 27, 2023

Last Payment Date of Additional Share Orders

March 1, 2023

Allotment Date

March 2, 2023

Refund date of excess purchase of Additional Shares

March 6, 2023


MSIN - PT. MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk

Rp 2.890

-20 (-0,69%)